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Introduction to SMSM

  • In January 1997, the public Service Commission of Malaysia (PSC) has adapted an electronic management approach to its services by introducing a fully computerized recruitment system, known as the Continuous Recruitment System or eSMSM. This system was designated and developed by the Secretariat of PSC in 1995/96 and was officiated by the Chief Secretary on 21 December 1996. The availability of esmsm will help ensure that all recruitment process is ongoing and swift.

Registration of Application

  • Applicants may apply for vacant posts by using the Job Registration Form for Public Sector (SPA8i) made available on PSC portal. Information on the offered positions can be found in the PSC portal under “Job Information (Salary/ conditions of appointment / job description)”. The registration application can be made any time and shall remain valid for one (1) year. Applicants do not have to wait for published advertisement made by PSC as the main purpose for media advertisement is to highlight any current job vacancy.

    Through eSMSM, all completed applications will be registered under PSC’s computerized Data Bank. Applicants are advised to peruse the registration form thoroughly and apply for post that is suitable and relevant to their qualification. Inaccuracy when completing forms may cause error to the application thus resulting in ineffective registration.

Available Positions

  • The recruitment and appointment of public service officers carried out by PSC are for the positions that requires minimum entrance level of Degree, Diploma, High School Certificate (STPM), STAM, Certificate of Education Malaysia (SPM) as well as Primary Certificate Education (PMR/SRP) and Certificate of Skill Malaysia (SKM)/Certificate from Polytechnic/Certificate recognized by the government.

    The selection of Paramedical Trainees for the Ministry of Health (MoH) is also managed by PSC. However, the allocations of successful trainees to nominated training centres are managed by MoH themselves.

    Timeline for Recruitment Process

    Generally, for positions that require only shortlisting, the recruitment process may take up to 12 weeks starting from the date when PSC receives complete submission from the Ministry or Agency. Conversely, positions that involve Examinations or Physical/Talent testmay take up to 24 weeks. The job applications on eSMSM are made through the Job Registration Form for Public Sector (SPA8i) which is made available on the official PSC portal at

The Availability of Vacant Post

  • Based on current regulations, the Ministry /Agency will submit their available vacancy to PSC for it to be appointed. In addition, the Ministry/Agency would also provide PSC with detailed information regarding to the vacant post and the criteria requirements of candidates. PSC will then begin the recruitment process by scrutinizing all candidates that arecurrently registered with PSC. For an example, if PSC receives a vacancy submission on 1 October 2014, only applicants registered prior to the date will be considered.

    PSC would then conduct a shortlisting process on the candidates based on the requirements made by the Ministry/Agency. The shortlisting of applicants for an interview is a critical and complicated process.

    In general, when the total number of vacancy is relatively small compared to the number of applicants, the shortlisting process shall be based on CGPA or the field of study/specialization depending on the requirements of the Ministry/Agency.

    Usually for posts that are highly requested, there would not be specific criteria set out for shortlisting of applicants. Applicants with specialization in relevant fields are likely to be called for an interview.


  • For some post, where qualification requirements are either open or demands specific talents, the scheme of service necessitate the applicants to pass a special examinations managed by the PSC. The scope of test involves cognitive, aptitude, personality and physical.

    Only successful candidates of the examinations will be called for an interview.


  • Candidates whom pass the shortlisting process will then be contacted by PSC to attend interview. In addition to the interview centres located in Kuala Lumpur, PSC also determines the assigned interview centres in all states of Peninsular Malaysia and several other small interview centres that are centred in the Sabah and Sarawak state.The candidates can be assigned to the interview centre of their chosen choice or the nearest available interview centre. To assist the Interview Board, the Commission would normally invite representatives from respective Ministry/Agency to conduct the interview together. The Commission Members of the Interview Board could consist of those with variety fields of expertise such as Management, Medical Expertise, Dental, Education, Science, Finance and etc. All members of the Interview Board are skilled in relative fields based on their experience in the public sector.

Promotional Post by Appointee (PSL)

  • In-service officers and promotional based appointee applicants can be qualified for consideration to be promoted to a higher position in their respective service scheme provided that they are successful in acquiring a higher academic qualification or has successfully completed the special examination. The preference for PSL consideration is if they qualify for the respective service scheme, they can be called for an interview without having to go through shortlisting process. However, upon interview, all applicants will be competing equally under the same procedures and regulations as they will not be appointed automatically.