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Message from the Secretary Message from the Secretary

Message from the Secretary

Encik Zohari bin Said

YBhg. Datuk Zohari
bin Said
(Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera)

First and foremost, welcome to the Public Services Commission of Malaysia (PSC) web portal. In line with the current development which stresses the use of ICT in its daily business, PSC is committed in providing a user-friendly portal in delivering its service.

PSC acknowledges that not only customers want efficient delivery of services. They expect quick and easy access from anywhere and at anytime as well. In keeping with that, dealings/transactions with PSC now will no longer be limited to office hours. This is due to the fact that, PSC now provides a variety of services through its portal. That includes, amongst others, Online Job Application (SPA 8i), review of Registration Status as well as Service Status (For Serving Officers) and ePertanyaan.

PSC has also made history by receiving the prestigious Five (5) Stars Portal rating from Multimedia Development Corporation (MDec) out of 622 websites. This is considered a remarkable feat since it was accomplished entirely by PSC's employee's effort without any help from external consultants. Viewers are welcomed to give any suggestions and feedback pertaining to PSC's portal.

It is hoped that this portal will allow the public to use it as a platform to deal with PSC with ease befitting PSC's motto "Easy, Fast and Accurate". With that, I invite you to visit the Public Services Commission of Malaysia Official Portal.