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Kandungan Jurnal Kandungan Jurnal

Attending Interview

  • During the interview :

    1. On your interview day, you are required to bring along your ORIGINAL and PHOTOCOPIED version of these documents, and sorted as follows:

      1. Resume with your photo;
      2. Identification Card and Birth Certificate;
      3. Malaysian Citizenship Certificate or any other evidence of Malaysian citizenship such as your father/mother’s citizenship certificate (where necessary);
      4. SPM / SPM(V) Certificate or equivalent;
      5. Certificate on qualification Malay Language that is equivalent to Malay Language in SPM; (as necessary)
      6. STPM Certificate / STAM Certificate / Matriculation Certificate / Scroll and Transcripts for Diploma / Degree / Masters / PhD holders / End-of-Studies Certificate that has been approved by the Senate from higher lerarning institutions. Candidates are required to provide a Malay / English translation of transcripts that are in foreign languages. (where necessary);
      7. First degree and transcript for candidates with a Masters / PhD
      8. Special Exam Results Slip (Appointment through Promotion) for existing public service officer; (where necessary)
      9. Scholarship award letter for Public Service Department Scholarship Holders; (where necessary)
      10. Other certificates that are related to the post such as Full Registration Certificates with Professional Bodies or other qualifications; (as necessary)
      11. Outdoor activities certificate; (Original document only)
      12. Registration Certificate for candidates with disabilities / letter confirming you are a recipient of the Welfare Department of Malaysia/ People’s Welfare Program; (where necessary)
      13. A brief of your service, latest LNPT, Head of Department Endorsement Letter (as per the link and your latest pay slip for existing public service officer only.
    2. You are required to:
      1. COMPLETE the resume on the myResume link.
      2. UPLOAD your academic certificates (SPM, STPM / STAM / matriculation certificate / scroll and transcripts for Diploma, Degree, Masters and PhD holders where necessary) BEFORE ATTENDING THE INTERVIEW on the set date.
      3. CHECK your academic credentials (Diploma / Degree / Masters / PhD where necessary) for your appointment in the civil service at and ATTACH a printout of the credential status when attending the interview.
    3. Failure to take action as per item 1 to 2, as well as providing us with false information, may affect the Commission’s deliberation in appointing you into the service.
    4. You are required to be at the interview centre 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time and dressed appropriately while attending the interview.
    5. The results of the interview may be made known 30 days from the last day of the interview by going to the PSC’s official portal or through the mobile app mySPAv2.