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Application For Medical Officer (Grade UD41), Dental Officer (Grade U41) and Pharmacists (Grade U41)

  1. Who can apply?
    Applicable to Malaysian candidates who graduated in the fields of medical/dentistry/pharmacy from local and overseas universities that are recognized by Public Service Department of Malaysia.

  2. How to apply?
    Register online at PSC’s portal by filling the Job Registration (SPA8i).

    (i) Log in at or

    (ii) Fill the item ‘Maklumat Permohonan’ and click ‘SIMPAN’

    (iii) Fill the item ‘Maklumat Akademik’ and click ‘SIMPAN’

    (iv) Fill the item ‘Maklumat Akademik’ –> ‘Pengajian Tinggi’ and click ‘SIMPAN’

    (v) Fill the item ‘Kelayakan Badan – badan Profesional dan Ikhtisas’ and click ‘SIMPAN’

    (vi) Fill the item ‘Jawatan Dipohon’ and click ‘SIMPAN’

    (vii) Choose ‘PENGAKUAN PEMOHON’, tick ‘SETUJU’ and click ‘HANTAR’

  3. Calling for interview
    Candidates will be informed by email/sms/PSC’s portal.

  4. Documents needed for the interview
    Candidates are required to bring along an original and photocopy documents as below:
    • Identification Card;
    • Birth Certificate;
    • SPM Certificate;
    • Transcript/Degree scroll ;
    • Temporary Registration from MMC/MDC/MPB;
    • Scholarship letter (if applicable); and
    • Any documents related

  5. Interview Results?
    Interview results will be informed at PSC’s Portal within one (1) month from interview date.

  6. Any queries please contact:
    Puan Normah binti Muslim - 03-8885 6313

    Puan Noor Shahida binti Ramli - 03-8885 6338

    Cik Zuraini binti Hamdan - 03-8885 6339

    Encik Azri Alwan bin Nordin - 03-8885 6137

    Encik Asrulnazwan bin Ibrahim - 03-8885 6476