Digital and Informatics Division

To facilitate PSC business and activities using ICT for better service.


  • Provides amenities and ICT services;
  • Develop in house system;
  • Provide system and hardware maintenance;
  • Provide ICT supports in PSC’s activities and programs.
  • The division responsible in providing effective, accurate, reliable and efficient supports and pledge to:
    • Provide fair, efficient and continuous support to our customers;
    • Provide efficient system and hardware support and maintenance;
    • Provide and update related documentation for system developed;
    • Assist in data entries;
    • Attend and assist our customers within four (4) hours after complaint is lodged;
    • Provide data security;
    • Provide user training to our customers.


  • Unit Roles :

    ICT Management and Policy Unit

    • Planning and Implemention of ICT Policies;
    • Implementation of MS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System;
    • Implementation of MS ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS);
    • Manage of SPA ICT Security

    Databases and Technical Support Unit

    • Design of Databases;
    • Administration of eSMSM, eSPDM and SISPEK databases;
    • Database Security;
    • AMMS Maintenance

    Data Centre Operation and Network and Security Unit

    • Prepare and carry out scheduled hardware and software maintenance;
    • Computer Security Contingency Planning;
    • Planning and design of Network Systems;
    • Administrate and Manage of Network Systems;
    • Supervise of Maintenance Work
    • Manage of Network System Documentation;

    Portal & Multimedia Unit

    • Manage and update the content of PSC Portal;
    • Design and maintain JLSC Intranet and Website;
    • Develop multimedia application and kiosk;
    • Manage and maintain of PSC Intranet;
    • Maintenance of Sistem Semakan Online;
    • Maintenance of eStaff
    • Graphics and Montage Development

    Application Support and Training Unit

    • Develop open source applications;
    • Plan, manage and conduct ICT and technical trainings.
    • Maintenance of eKS;
    • Maintenance of eRuling;
    • Maintenance of SLK;
    • Maintenance of eSurat;
    • Maintenance of Sistem Kemaskini Emel Calon;
    • Maintenance of eCirculation;
    • Maintenance of Sistem Pengurusan Latihan
    • Maintenance of Sistem ePertanyaan;

    Recruitment Application Unit

    • Identify user requirement;
    • Develop and enhance eSMSM application;
    • Provide user support to eSMSM users;
    • Maintenance of source codes;
    • Create and update of eSMSM documentation;
    • Maintenance of Borang Permohonan Pekerjaan Dalam Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA8i);
    • Maintenance of Semakan Status Permohonan;
    • Maintenance of Sistem ePengisian;
    • Maintenance of Sistem Setuju Terima Tawaran Pelantikan
    • Maintenance of Sistem Pengurusan Peperiksaan Berkomputer (SISPEK)

    Services Application Unit

    • Identify user requirement;
    • Develop and enhance SISPEK;
    • Maintenance of eSPDM source codes;
    • Create and update eSPDM documentation

    Administration Unit Handling of :

    • Finances;
    • Budget;
    • Letters and Filing system;
    • Personnel;
    • Training;
    • Office Equipment and Inventory