Policy and Corporate Communications Division

  • Policy and Corporate Communications Division is responsible to provide support services for The Public Services Commission (PSC) in order to execute their function efficiently and effectively in tandem with the provision principles and regulations.


  • Policy and Corporate Communications Division's function are as follows:
    • to strengthen PSC towards becoming a leading public service agency in appointing excellent public officers;
    • to prepare and to monitor the implementation of PSC's Strategic Plan;
    • responsible in tackling the Parliament questions and answers either from the House of Representatives or The Senate pertaining to PSC;
    • to execute and to monitor the implementation of the current policy and regulations; and
    • to study and to organize all research that have been planned and carried out.
  • To produce quality research findings and planning and meet the stakeholders' / clients' needs within the following periods:
    • Empirical Study - 6 months
    • The time frame for research involving a consultant is as specified in the terms of contract.
    To prepare draft replies to parliamentary questions, comments on cabinet memorandums and feedback on cabinet decisions within the period set by stakeholders/clients.


  • PSC Strategic Planning
    To plan and to monitor the activities and programs tabled in PSC Strategic Planning in every 5 years.
  • Annual Workload Target
    To manage PSC's Annual Workload Target and as a secretariat for Annual Workload Target Meeting.
  • Parliament Task
    To manage and to tackle every oral and non oral question posed during the House of Representatives and The Senate Meeting.
  • Study/Research
    To examine and to organize all research pertaining to PSC's policies.