Sabah Secretariat

  • Public Service Commission, Sabah Branch is responsible on matters regarding recruitment and service of the Federal Public Service Employees in Sabah. The Secretariat provides consultancy services to the public on career opportunities in the public service as well as managing service matters of the federal department personnel throughout Sabah.

  • The functions of the Secretariat as stipulated in the Constitution under the Article 144 and 144(1), which contains matters such as follows:-
  • The Secretariat also manage matters regarding Malaysian Public Service Examination according to schedule determined by Public Service Department of Malaysia.
  • Management of appointment for training and offer to permanent post for pre medical post within 8 weeks
  • Management of service matters such as confirmation, conferment of pensionable status, extension of probationary period and endorsement of initial salary upgrade within 6 weeks
  • Management of In Service Examination and Pre Service Examination according to schedule such as stipulated in the Annual Examination Calendar
  • Recruitment
    • Recruiting trainees for Pre Medical Training (Certificate and Diploma Level Course)
    • Coordinating interview for recruitment of various posts under the jurisdiction of PSC Malaysia
    • Preparing the Commission Secretary Paper
    • Issuing interview call letter
    • Issuing interview result letter to successful and reserved candidates (only for Pre Medical Training candidates)
    • Issuing appointment letter to successful Pre Medical Trainees (Certificate and Diploma Level)
    • Surveillance on recruitment activities done at Ministries/Federal Departments in Sabah
  • Service
    • Carry out matters regarding Confirmation of Appointment within 4 weeks
    • Managing matters regarding Confirmation of Service, Extension of Probationary Period, Endorsement of Initial Salary Upgrade and Grant of Pension Status
    • Managing matters regarding Termination of Employment
    • Carry out surveillance of service at Ministries/Federal Departments in Sabah
    • Update and maintain information in the MIS and eSPDM systems
  • Examination
    • Managing and performing activities regarding Public Service Commission Examination that have been determined from time to time
    • Managing examination activities that have been determined in the Malaysian Public Service Examination annual calendar
    • Conducting briefing on Malaysian Public Service Examination at various Ministries and Federal Departments in Sabah