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Recruitment Process

  • Recruitment Process into Public Service [Recruitment Division]
    The recruitment process begins upon the receipt of the online vacancy application from ministry / department through an online system known as ePengisian. Once the application is received, PSC would first cross-check their list of reserve candidates. If any candidate still has a valid status they shall be made available for the job appointment. If there are no valid candidates available, the process would be followed by the acquirement of candidates from the data bank of the Public Services Commission (PSC). This would then be followed by the preparation of Preliminary Board Report (PLP), interview process, preparation of Commission Papers then concluded with the appointment of post to successful candidates..
  • The Continuous Recruitment System (eSMSM) [eSMSM User Guide...]
    Currently, the recruitment processes conducted by PSC are done fully through a computerized system, known as the Continuous Recruitment System or eSMSM in short. This system was first introduced in January 1997. The employment of eSMSM allows job applications to be made at any time throughout the year. The eSMSM expedites the process of application registration, shortlisting, preparing details of interview and organising thelist of reserved candidates and successful candidates that are to be appointed to jobs. Under this system, candidates can submit their applications online via the official PSC portal at
  • Positions Managed by the Public Services Commission Malaysia [More...]
    Detailed information regarding to available posts such as job descriptions, terms of appointment, scheme code, level of position, basic salary, fixed remuneration of public service (ITKA), housing allowance and subsistence allowance (COLA) are as accordance with the following qualifications:

    -- Degree/ Masters/ PHD
    -- Diploma/ STP/ STPM/ STAM/ HSC
    -- Matriculation Certificate
    -- SPM/ SVM
    -- PMR/ PT3
    -- Talent Qualification
    -- Paramedic Training
  • How to Apply [More...]
    Malaysian citizens whom are qualified can apply for vacant posts in the General Federation of Public Service, the Public Service Co-general of the Federation of Public Service and Malacca, Penang, Kedah and Perlis using PSC Job Registration System (SPA9) via official PSC portal.
  • Online Services
    Information on interview schedules/examinations as well as results of the interview/examination can be retrieved either from the Public Service Commission Portal and Official PSC Facebook at any time. [List of Schedule & Result]
  • Career Fair [More...]
    Career Fair performs as a platform for PSC to provide a more amiable service to the public. It creates opportunities for the public and civil servants to retrieve information directly from the PSC.