Documentation of Appointment Affairs


1.   Federal Constitution
2. P.U.(A) 395 Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1993
3. SPP 1/1998 Eligibility for Low Secondary Assessment for the Purpose of Appointment to Public Services
4. SPP 1/2002 SPM Eligibility under Open System for the purpose of Appointment to Public Services
5. PP 4/2002 Implementation of the Malaysian Remuneration System for Federal Public Service Members
6. PP 2/2008 Basis and Procedure of Contract Inauguration (COS)
7. SPP 14/2008 Extension of Age Limit of Contractual Appointment for Citizens (Non-Retired) and Non-Citizens Officers
8. SPP 14/2009 Qualification of Malaysian Religious Certificate by Examination Board for the purpose of Appointment to the Public Service
9. PP 6/2010 Designation of Head of Service for Federal Service Scheme in force in the Federal Public Service
10. PP 1/2011  Qualification of Malaysian Skills Certificate for the purpose of Appointment to the Public Service
11. PP 2/2011 Policies and Procedures for Appointment of Ex-Armed Forces into the Public Service
12. P.U.(A) 1/2012 Public Service (Appointment, Promotion and Termination of Service) Regulations 2012
13. PP 6/2012 Employment and Managing Services at the Office of the Minister and Deputy. Minister
14. JPA.BPO(S)324/1/1-1 JLD.11(7) Inclusion

Recognition Vocational College Inclusion Malay and Malay Language Code 1104 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Code 1103

15. SPP 1/2014 Changes in Initial Salary Determination Related to Improvement in 2013 Service Scheme and Improvement of Minimum Salary Schedule - Maximum Under Malaysian Remuneration System
16. PP 1/2014 Statutory Declaration for Appointment to the Public Service
17. PP 2/2014 Administrative Procedures for Grades 16 and Under
18. PP 2/2015 Improvement of Annual Incentive Giving Method in Implementing the Minimum Salary Schedule - Maximum
19. PP1/2016 Rationalization of Federal Service Schemes Under SSM
20. KPMSP.100-1/7/2 (30) Exam Board Release Letter No. 6 of 2016: Participation in Malaysian Vocational Certificate (SVM) With Three (3) Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) credits
21. SPP 3/2016 Matriculation Certificate of Ministry of Education Malaysia for the purpose of Appointment in the Public Service
22. JPA/BK(S)173/18 JLD.20 (12) Contract Appointment Officer (COS) Guide for Regular Appointment Purposes
23. PSC Circular 1/2017 Service Contract Appointment Procedure
24.   Service Circuits in force from time to time