Message from the Secretary

PSC Secretary

Assalamualaikum and Greetings

Welcome to the Official Portal of the Public Services Commission of Malaysia (PSC).

In accordance with Article 144(1) of the Federal Constitution, the Public Services Commission of Malaysia’s (PSC) is an independent institution entrusted with the functions to appoint, confirm, conferment into a permanent or pensionable position, promote, transfer and exercise disciplinary control over members of the public sector.

PSC will continuously move forward in achieving the outlined goals under our four (4) main strategic thrust:

  1. To strengthen the process of appointing civil servants;
  2. To strengthen the assessment method in obtaining competent candidates;
  3. To strengthen the service matters of civil servants; and
  4. To strengthen the governance towards organisational excellence.

Among the major reforms that have been carried out by PSC in 2019 is the introduction of the Public Service Entry Examination (PSEE) to all applicants. PSEE is an initial screening on-line exam to every applicant which includes general knowledge assessment, applicant’s ability in problem solving and English comprehension test.

Through PSEE, the applicants are given an equal and fair opportunity in this on-line exam as PSC has ceased the consideration of CGPA as the main requirement.

Beginning January 2020, the PSC Portal will be given a fresh interface and more user-friendly features. As usual, this Portal still provides a wide range of important services such as:

  1. PSC Job Registration System (SPA9);
  2. Job information (including salaries, conditions of appointment and job description);
  3. Information/advertisement of current vacancies;
  4. Review of Application Status;
  5. Review of service matters (For in-service personnel); and
  6. ePertanyaan System etc.;

It is hoped that this portal continues to be a source of reference and information that is useful for the public.

The public are also welcomed to give opinions and suggestions for the improvement of PSC’s services in line with our efforts to enhance the quality of our services.

Thank you.