Competency Assessment Division

  • Managing entry examinations and further assessments into public services effectively and efficiently within allocated time, towards producing quality government workforce.


  • To manage entry examinations into public services for qualified candidates.
  • To manage matters pertaining to further assessment specified for selected candidates prior to selection for interview.
  • Our commitment is to manage the Special Entry Examination into Public Services effectively, efficiently and systematically. It is our aim to announce each examination results within 25 working days grace from the exam date taken.


  • Main activity for this division is in accordance to each units function as follows:


    • To produce syllabus and scheme for examinations
    • To manage questions bank system
    • To manage the process of developing questions for examinations
    • To conduct courses on developing questions for examinations



    • To prepare yearly examinations schedule
    • To manage matters pertaining to examinations venue
    • To appoint invigilators for examinations purposes
    • To manage distribution of candidates at each examinations' venue
    • To prepare examinations necessities



    • To manage administrative and services matters
    • Filling management
    • Preparation of budget, claim and expenditures



    • To conduct psychological testing
    • To provide necessary counseling services
    • To analyse a research on validity and reliability of psychological testing.
    • To manage administrative matters



    • To be involved with modules development
    • To manage administrative matters pertaining to Assessment Centre
    • To manage candidates profiling database
    • To conduct regular inspection on examinations centres
    • To carry out a study on examination organization system enhancement



    • To arrange the appointment of Head of Assessors and assessors
    • To manage distribution of candidates to each examination centres
    • To conduct a briefing regarding to Physical and Fitness Examination
    • To organize courses pertaining to Physical and Fitness Examination
    • To monitor the execution of Physical and Fitness Examination



    • To appoint examiners for essay examination questions
    • To process candidates marks
    • To prepare a statistical report of candidates achievement in a particular examination
    • To prepare a statistical report regarding examination matters
    • To announce examination results



  • There are 66 posts requiring entry examinations altogether. The said examinations are inclusive of writing, auditioning, voice testing, and physical testing.


    • Talent Test/Audition
    • Aptitude Test
    • Dicta typing Test
    • Physical and Fitness Test
    • Psychological Test
  • Talent Test : It is a test where a candidate's ability and potential in performing arts is assessed for the post that has such prerequisite.
  • Aptitude Test : It is a test to evaluate candidates' level of ability, potential and competitiveness based on cognitive and language assessment to meet the requirement of specific job post.
  • Dicta-typing Test : It is a test to assess candidates' skill in typing and shorthand.
  • Voice Test : It is a test to assess candidates' interactive and communicative ability to ensure accuracy of information being delivered.
  • Physical and Fitness test : It is a test to ensure candidates appointed meet the standard physique prerequisite inclusive of body weight, height, eyesight and body fitness. There are only specific job posts that require this test to be taken.
  • Psychological Test : It is a reflective test to measure candidates' appropriacy to the job posts from the aspect of personality, attitude, interest, skills and fancies to determine candidates possess the appropriate traits.