Recruitment Division

  • To deliver clear, efficient and effective support services to the Commission in matters concerning the recruitment of the Professional Management Group and Support Group 1 into Public Service.

  • Responsible to manage matters concerning the appointment for the Professional Management Group and Support Group 1 (Group B under JKK) to fulfill one of PSC’s function based on Matter 144 (1) of the Federal Constitution.

  • To manage the recruitment for posts in the Professional Management Group and Support Group into the General Federal Public Services and Public Services in Pulau Pinang, Melaka, Perlis and Negeri Sembilan.

  • We, officers and staff from the Recruitment Division of the Public Service Commission pledge to deliver efficient service in managing recruitment within 8-12 weeks, from the instant the completed Department’s application letter is received to the instant the offer is made to the Ministries or Departments.

    • Preparation of Primary Board Statement (Penyata Lembaga Permulaan) based on request from Ministry/ Department /State Government for posts of Grade 29 and above;
    • Preparation of Call for Interview Letters to candidates;
    • Preparation of Interview Package for Interview Panel; and
    • Secretariat of Interview Session - registration of candidates and checking of personal documents before interview.
    More info : 03-88856364/03-88856374/03-88856146/03-88856128
    • Arrangement of interview center, hotel and logistic for Commission Members; and
    • Preparation of Schedule of Interview for Commission Members.
    More info : 03-8885 6330/0388856379
    • Cross checking information from Interview Reports with candidates' documents;
    • Verifying recognition of candidates' qualifications; and
    • Preparation of Commission Paper to be presented at Commission Meeting.
    More info : 03-88806485/03-88856331/03-88856340/03-88856334
    • Preparation of Letter of Appointment to successful candidates and Ministry; and
    • Updating the result of interview through PSC Portal
    More info : 03-88856357/03-88856275/03-88856350/03-88856348
    • Preparation of Primary Board Statement and act as secretariat for interview matters on permanent recruitment of 3 critical posts namely Medical Officer, Dentist and Pharmacist; and
    • Preparation of Commission papers to be presented at Commission Meeting.
    More info : 03-88856378/03-88856475/03-88856372/03-88856338
    • To manage Sistem ePertanyaan; and
    • To manage administrative matters of the division.
    More info : 03-8885 6332/03-88856337/03-88856306/03-88856353

  • Recruitment process started from request to fulfil vacancy by Ministry/Department/State Government through ePengisian Online Application. Reserved candidates will be offered first if available. The next processes are to instigate information of registered candidates from PSC Data Bank, preparation of Primary Board Statement, Interview sessions, preparation of Commission Paper and generating Letter of Appointment to successful candidates.
  • Kindly contact SPA Secretariat at Information and updates on Interview session and results can be reached at PSC's Portal all the time.

  • Recruitment activities done by PSC now are fully computerized through a system known as Sistem Mengambil Sepanjang Masa (Ongoing Recruitment System) or eSMSM. Application can be submitted to PSC at any time all throughout the year. SMSM simplifies registration of application, screening, listing of successful and reserved candidates, interview schedule, logistic and preparation of appointment. The system allows candidates to submit their application online at PSC Portal
    Urusan Pengambilan

  • PSC will immediately initiate recruitment process upon receiving request from Ministry/ Department/ State Government to fill up vacancies at respective organizations. Ministry/ Department/ State Government are responsible to inform PSC any vacancies available by providing information on numbers of vacancies, list of job, job description and other important information through online application system ePengisian. Ministry/ Department/ State Government can also determine specific recruitments suitable for the posts or job scope of the scheme such as specialization of qualification possessed by the candidates. The actual vacancies available in within a year due to pension, resignation, promotion or other reasons must be duly reported to PSC by the Ministry/ Department/ State Government.
  • Request for one particular post must not exceed 2 times a year. Therefore, Ministry/ Department/ State Government must have proper planning considering promotion exercise before applying to PSC.

  • PSC has implemented online application for its recruitment process. PSC no longer needs to advertise in daily newspaper before pursuing to fulfil the vacancies available using this method. However, PSC still advertise early of the year and at the end of the year on newspapers aim to inform candidates of jobs that are under PSC as an appointing body. Since 2009, registration for jobs with PSC are done online. Candidates must register using Borang Permohonan Pekerjaan Dalam Perkhidmatan Awam ( SPA8i) and the physical form (Borang OMR SPA8) no longer in use. Candidates can apply to a maximum of 15 jobs based on their qualification and interest. Application can be done at any time and valid for 1 year.
  • Completed Application will be registered to PSC Data Bank. Validity of the application is for 1 year. If they are not offered any job with 1 year from the date of Registration Acknowledgement, they need to renew their application. Based on request from Ministry/Department/State Government, PSC will instigate the process by reviewing information of the candidates who are still valid. Thus, candidates are advised to ensure that their application are always valid and active.

  • Selection process is done to shortlist candidates for interview session. It is done if number of application gathered from SPA Data Bank exceeds vacancies available. The selection process will be done gradually until we reach suitable number of candidates to be called for the interview. The number of candidates is determined by ratio of 10 candidates per each available vacancy and 10-15 for posts that requires physical test.
  • The main selection criteria is based on the requirement of the scheme. However, if the number of application is high, other selection criteria are used such as major/ specialty, Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and pass special exam. Other criteria are gender, age, higher qualification like Masters/ PhD and birth of place. It can also include other specific requirements set by Ministry/Department for the position.

  • Candidates who passed the selection process will be called for interview. Other than in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, PSC can accommodate interview at all major cities in Peninsular Malaysia and a few places in Sabah and Sarawak.

  • Chairperson for the interview board will have to prepare and submit an interview report to the coordinator not later than 3 days after the end of the interview session. Based on the report, the coordinator will prepare a Commission Paper to be tabled at a Commission Meeting regularly scheduled on every Monday. Thorough checking on documents submitted by candidates are done to ensure they fulfil all the requirements. In addition to that, equivalent of value for the qualification recognized by the Government will also be determined for the purpose of appointment to the Public Service. If the qualification is not recognized, candidates will not be appointed until it is cleared. A copy of the letter will be sent to Ministry/Department/State Administration for placement purposes.